Sunday, October 11, 2020

Finishing up Fifty-Eight Carats


You remember this. It's my Fifty-Eight Carats quilt. (Fifty-Eight or 58, I can't remember.) Now that the Asterisk flower flimsy is done, I am finishing up this one.

I used the leftover backing fabric to make the hanging sleeve.

I finally found a use for these binding clips.

This is the binding. 

I have a lot of hand sewing in my future over the next few days.


Quiltdivajulie said...

How grand to see a peek at the quilting design - I have been seriously considering something involving circles for Geode's quilting when the time comes!

cdpquilter said...

You are quite the quilting machine!! I love all your designs and the way you plan out your projects. Thank you for sharing all your ideas.

Ann said...

We are all busy using our leftovers and finishing tops. This is still so attractive. You have such a good eye.

Patty Stenpeck said...

I love using these clips. Now I don't have to worry about sticking my fingers with pins. I love your quilts.