Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Border for Firebird

  The Zebra quilts are so busy, I feel they need a bit of a border. For the Firebird quilt, it was clear the border had to be yellow.

I had one of these, and purchased three. I really liked the big paisley on the lower left as a binding.

This yellow fabric is just too blah!

It's pretty clear this is way too busy!

This isn't working for me. The border is too busy, and the binding isn't doing anything good either.

I like this fabric as the border.

It even looks good next to the yellow. Now, I have to tell you I didn't want the border to be the same as the yellows in the quilt, because I didn't want the center to "leak" into the border, but I needed a bit of breathing room.

I think this is looking good. I'll figure out what I want for the binding when the quilt is quilted, but for now I'm happy.

***Yes, I'll be writing a tutorial for the Zebra quilts. I'm currently working with a design engineer on a template for the long triangles. Then I'll test it and get going. But it will take a couple of months because I have some dental work to be done first.


Leslie said...

I love your quilts! Any chance you'll do a tutorial on this pattern? I'd love to make one. Thank you.

Peg Sullivan said...

I love this pattern as well. Would you do a tutorial?

Ruth said...

I will enjoy reading the tutorial, after your blog posts on three? four? zebra quilts! I doubt I'll make one, but I love to read about interesting quilts.
Thank you and good luck with the dental work.