Thursday, December 20, 2018

One Small Problem

There's one small problem with this arrangement. Well, more than one actually, and the biggest one sure as hell isn't small.

I don't like it.


Well, it's perfectly symmetrical, for one thing, which can be boring. And it's a bull's-eye for another. Which means the center of the quilt is in the exact center of the quilt and everything that surrounds it is the same and predictable. And you all know me, predictable isn't exactly what I like best.  So it's boring. There's nothing here for the viewer to discover on their own. The green hex star and the others are basically stars-of-David and while there is nothing wrong with that, I just don't want that to be the one thing that everybody sees.

Blah and bleh.

I like making my viewers work for it. I like making them discover things on their own.  And I really like the large lazy hex stars this way. They are more open, and they don't hit you over the head with their being stars. And the horizontal diamonds are much more relaxed and soothing. I like the overall pattern of this, with all the area full of stuff.

There was a part of that top design I liked, so I wondered if I could have it both ways. I filled in the "sides," took away those pointy purple triangles and flipped it on the side again.

(I rotated the picture, so it looks funny.)

But this I can work with.

I can't work with it much until I sew more things together, because rearranging all the pieces is crazy work, and I am not willing to do that. The four vertical rows on the far right are all sewn together. When I get more sewn together I'll figure out what to do on the bottom edge.

Maybe I can have it both ways!


Nancy J said...

I like the symmetrical one, but then you have changed it round, and the last photo is intriguing.

Ann said...

I like the off-centered green star better and see what you mean about the difference in the stars when rotated.