Thursday, November 8, 2018

Duck, Duck, Tin

I bought this little paper mache duck box about 34 years ago at a gift shop in California. I use it to store my hand sewing tools.

Inside are a couple of different thimbles, some tiny sharp scissors, a small container of pins, a few needle threaders (my favorite is the bug shaped one that has a light), a seam ripper and my hand sewing needles. I wish I could tell you what kind and what size I use, but I don't know. I like them fine and sharp.

I call this box the Mending Duck because there are a few buttons in there too. I've long forgotten where the buttons go, but I find them charming, so there they live. 

The Mending Duck normally rests on my bureau in my bedroom along with my collection of small interesting boxes. It moves to wherever I want to do some hand sewing. Because it is rather handsome, it looks nice wherever it is, and because it is so unique, it's easy to find if I forget where I put it.

The Mending Duck clearly isn't for traveling. I have a small tin that I have converted to a "portable duck."

As you can see, it was originally a chocolate tin. You can find these anywhere. I found one at the Getty Center last summer (not this one.)

I put one of those sticky magnet things on the cover to hold my steel pins and a needle. As you can see I also have scissors, needle threader, seam ripper and a bit of thread. It's small, light and works like a charm. If I lost it, or anything in it, it's easy enough to replace. I probably wouldn't get this through airport security, but if this was traveling with me, it would be inside my checked luggage.

At any rate, this is part of the binding tutorial, which has moved to the editing stages.


Quiltdivajulie said...

The Mending Duck -- somehow that just has the BEST sound. And you are right about it being easy to spot if left in an out of the ordinary spot.

Steve said...

I think the scissors you have in the Mending Duck would get through security. That is what I have been using for years and no trouble so far. They have to be less than 4" overall length. And my case has a whole lot of needles and other stuff as well. I'm careful though that I don't take my grandmothers though, just in case.

QuiltSwissy said...

now that duck thing is the greatest!

Carol- Beads and Birds said...

I love tins and use them for various things. I love the chocolate tin and like your tip of adding a magnet to the lid.
xx, Carol