Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Sur La Table (On the Table)

Since the tree quilt is designed for a table, I really had to put it all on the table to see if the vision I had in my head really looked that way in real life.

I'm pleased to say it did. This is the overall view of what it looks like.

Moving to the left, here is the left side of the quilt.

Rounding the corner to the left, this is the "top" of the quilt, viewed upside down, or right side up if you are sitting at that end of the table.

 This is the right side of the quilt.

 This is another view of the top area.

After I took these pictures, I put all the pieces back on the design wall and started sewing things together. 
I even added a red tree to this green one, which lives on the left side of the quilt.

I really had been wrestling with this idea. On the wall the quilt looked good from a purely abstract point of view, but it didn't necessarily make a lot of sense. I was thinking about it as I drove to work yesterday. The reason why it looked funny on the wall is because it was supposed to be on a table. OR, like on a bed! Amazing, huh? A quilt on a bed! We are so accustomed to looking at quilts flat on the wall that we forget how they look "in context."

I'll be sewing the blocks that make up the tabletop part of the quilt together, and then I'll sort out the rest. Those blocks change places so frequently you'd think they were playing musical chairs.


Nancy J said...

Musical chairs, around the table, that is a superb analogy. Love the two trees per block layout and a splash of red. love it all.

The Selvage Fairy said...

OMG every picture, I like this better.

Jack Suzen said...

This is beautiful. Your creative ideas always inspire me to try different with DIY and get rid of boring kinds of stuff.

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Alice Turcotte said...

Lovely quilt tablecloth. I enjoy watching the steps. I do hope you will do a tutorial on this one. Will put it in my “definitely want to try”

Mystic Quilter said...

A beautiful quilt to have on your table, love the sizes of the tree blocks.

Julierose said...

Oh this will be fantastic "sure la table" ;))) no matter wherever you sit, you will have a tree to look at--how neat hugs, Julierose