Saturday, October 20, 2018


I've sewn the bottom row together into one long panel.  I thought you might like to see close ups of the trees so you could enjoy the different fabrics and how I used them.

Let's see, a batik, an oriental, a wild modern print and a couple of blenders...

The green print at the bottom is from 2009, then there are lots of blenders. See the trunk of the yellow tree? Hold that thought.

Another batik and a lot of blenders. That big leaf fabric? That's the same fabric I used for the tree trunk of the yellow tree in the photo above. Moving right along, an Oriental and more blenders (and see that batik that's the trunk of the red tree? That's the background of the Black Box quilt.) Moving over again, some fabrics sent to me by Rondi, blenders all.

I love the olive-y fabric with the waving rows of varying sized white dots. Another gift. Then a batik tree made from leftover fabric that I used in the quilt I made for Julie Sefton, No Rules for Julie in 2009.

And more blenders, a light green Grunge and some Christmas green.

Here's how this bottom row fits with the row above it. I think it's great.

When I started this quilt I had absolutely no idea it would be anything out of the ordinary.


Quiltdivajulie said...

It has become spectacular!

Just Ducky said...

I don't think anything you put your hand and mind to come out as ordinary. It isn't in your DNA to be ordinary.