Monday, September 10, 2018

Binding Fabric Audition

I almost never choose a binding fabric for a quilt before it's quilted, mostly because I always get it wrong.  So I wait.

I knew the binding for the little Scrap Slab Triangle quilt would not be a color, but be some kind of black and white fabric. I tried 18 fabrics. Here is a sampling.

This one seems OK
This one almost reads as "gray" so this isn't going to work.
This isn't any better.
Nope. This print is too choppy.

This one isn't working either. It's too dark.

This is really bad! It's way too light.
This is not good. It's really blah.
Ooh! I like this one!
I like this one too!
Let's see both of them together...
YUP! This is the one I like the best!
Under normal circumstances, this would be a done deal. HOWEVER, the whole point of this little quilt is to show how to do my hand stitching, and that's a bit hard to do with a black binding. I want to be able to illustrate (with good pictures) how I do my stitching, and that binding fabric may not help me with that.

Or maybe not. I'll have to wrestle with this a bit. Generally, when I have a situation like the photo above where the binding and the quilt are different colors, I use thread that matches the binding. Since my stitches are generally invisible, maybe I'll use a different color so everybody can really see what I am doing.

Dunno. Like I said, I'll have to think about it.


Linda said...

Eager to watch your video for binding. I am wandering if you ever use a Flange,if so how does that impact your binding technique? Thanks!

Denise Riendeau said...

I think the binding you chose is the best one !!!

mpv61 said...

I always make my binding before I sandwich and quilt. The reason is that I have a small sewing room (lucky to have it, though!) and I have to clear off everything away to do the sandwiching and quilting. The best use of my time is to make the binding while I still have the fabric, rotary cutter, rulers, etc, out.

It's always a real relief to me, when I finish quilting, that the binding is just waiting for me. :)

Ann said...

I choose my binding by laying the choices out the same way. I agree with your decision but also understand it might not work as well in photos. Looking forward to your next post.