Saturday, July 7, 2018

True Blue

I had a long email conversation with my pal Julie yesterday, which I will tell you all about in another post, but the impetus of it was that I had decided the diamond quilt I had been working on wasn't BLUE enough. I got home from work last night and went directly into the studio to fix that.

After that I decided to tone down the medium diamonds.

Overall I didn't like it.

I put some of the busier medium diamonds back up on the design wall and I like it better, but I am not done. I still have to make a few more four patch diamonds, and then I'll redistribute those. Hell, I'll probably take everything but the big diamonds down and re do it all.

You can click the photo, then double click it to enlarge it and see all the loveliness of the fabrics.


Nancy J said...

A good while ago I had a friend who lived near us, and when I asked " What have you been doing today" his reply would invariably be " I moved the furniture in the garden" One or the other shrub, bush or plants dug up, moved, and dug in. I understand that you see your diamonds in the same way, but those blues, I love every one!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Like where this is going -and happy the exotic birds are still involved. Even the fish seem happier now in this new color-setting.

carol fun said...

I really like this one...and I like it in the first pic...might add more one or two yellow/gold little diamonds to the lower left side...but that just my opinion and the one that counts is yours... I know you'll get it to your vision... happy sewing!

Jeannine said...

Enjoying seeing and hearing about your process.

Ann said...

I like the way you're "alternating" darker and medium blues for the large diamonds. Also the toned down small diamonds. {I should love the bright ones including yellow because I love color but the last two photos look much more cohesive.} What fun working through this. Thanks for sharing the process.