Thursday, July 26, 2018


Earlier this year I gave my son and his family a membership to the South Coast Botanic Garden.

They just opened their new Rose Garden, and it is beautiful. It SMELLS wonderful.

I must have taken a hundred photos of the different roses.
They were gorgeous.

These were as large as my hand, and the bush was as tall as I am.

My granddaughter loved them too, and kept trying to touch them.  I can't say as I blame her, I would have loved a bouquet of many of them.

Many of the roses had more than one color on each plant, and more than one color in each rose!

We're so accustomed to seeing roses as a bouquet of buds, that we often forget how beautiful fully opened roses really are.


Nancy J said...

from deep pink to the palest lavender, and all shades on one bush, what a day out for the little girl.

Poppy Q said...

It is always a pleasure to see such beautiful roses. What a thoughtful gift.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I've always preferred full-blown roses - and when we celebrated the renewal of our wedding vows a few years back, I insisted that the florist use ONLY fully open roses (which they found SO very odd). What a treat for the senses your time in that rose garden must have been.