Sunday, June 10, 2018

Anthony Bourdain

I was shocked on Friday morning, when my phone vibrated with the news that Anthony Bourdain was dead. I think I checked my phone fifty times that day, hoping against hope that I'd find it wasn't true.

You all know I love to cook. Many of you know that I love to read. When people ask what I read I often say that I will read virtually anything that is well written, and dammit, Anthony Bourdain could write!

I first heard of him when I read his book Kitchen Confidential. I was terrified and thrilled in equal measure. I read most of his books after that, and watched him on television whenever I could. He cracked open the food world like no one else. He made me feel better to be "just" a home cook.

this from CNN...
While accepting the Peabody award in 2013, Bourdain described how he approached his work.

"We ask very simple questions: What makes you happy? What do you eat? What do you like to cook? And everywhere in the world we go and ask these very simple questions," he said. "We tend to get some really astonishing answers."
The world has lost an honest and unique voice. I am bereft. 
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Melody A. said...

I agree, he was a very unique voice in the world and so tragic no one knew how dire he was feeling. Take care from Iowa

Poppy Q said...

It is terribly sad to think that someone that bought so many people so much joy from his shows and writing, was so hurting so bad and unable to find another way away from that pain. I hope he is at peace now.

Jackie Kelly said...

Thank you for your post today.