Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Kit and Cart

OMG!!! The cart arrived yesterday and it is totally To-Die-For! It is a Magna Cart Flat Platform Truck and I got it at Amazon (where else?)

 Here it is all opened up. It can carry 300 pounds. (The handle can go up higher.)

Here is the "top" when it is all folded up.

Here is the underside.  The darn thing is so easy to use it's positively embarrassing. And it weighs less than the portable ironing table I bought last week.

Thank you Barbara and Jackie. I ordered the 6" x 24" Karen Kay Buckley travel ruler and found the nifty 2-1/2" x 6" Creative Grids ruler from the Fat Quarter Shop. Both are on their way to my house.
Chatting with Julie later, I wondered what I would use to safely carry my collection of rulers back and forth, without breaking them. I was thinking of putting the rulers inside clear pages and storing them in a loose leaf binder, but Julie suggested a metal clipboard like contractors use.  BRILLIANT!

My friend Mary suggested keeping a Master List of everything that goes in the kit so when I pack it up I'll know instantly if anything is missing. Sounds like a good thing to laminate and keep in the kit somewhere for easy reference.

I love tins. Sometimes I'll buys something in a tin just because I want the tin, not because I want what's in it.  Although this tin of Milk Chocolate Drops was irresistible.

I converted it into a mending kit by adding a magnetic business card holder on the cover, adding some steel pins and a needle, then filling the tin with scissors, thread, a seam ripper and a thimble. A needle threader is also nice. It may not be practical for carting around every day, but something like this would be good to keep in a desk drawer at work (with maybe some extra buttons and safety pins.)

I've got to get a small spray bottle to use when I iron (a very easy thing to get)

A few more items (portfolio and cutting mat) and my kit will be complete.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Brilliant indeed -- we all get by with a little help from our friends !! (you are SO going to love your new set up!!)

Jackie Kelly said...

You are definitely going to be ready. If I didn't live on the west coast, I would go to one of you classes.

The Selvage Fairy said...

Get one of the engineers that you know to put a motor on that cart and you will be riding along like the QUEEN of the fair (be sure to practice your wave).