Thursday, April 26, 2018

Student Bird Quilts

One of the best things about teaching birds and selling the bird tutorial is seeing what students and customers make.  Here are pictures of quilts that have been made using the tutorial.

ELana sent me this photo. It is a collaboration between members of the Concord Piecemakers Guild, where I spoke and taught last summer. This was made as a comfort quilt for one of their friends.

This happy quilt was made by Diane. Notice the "Super" bird in the bottom row. I met Diane at the MQX show. It's so nice to meet the wonderful folks who read my blog.

This is Rita's Mahjong Mavens. The birds represent the 11 women in her Mahjong group!

This quilt was made by Rita. She researched the colors of birds native to her area of Connecticut and then made birds based on them.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these quilts as much as I enjoyed showing them to you. If you have bought my tutorial and made a quilt, please send pictures! I'd love to see and share them!


Poppy Q said...

What clever quilters. They are awesome, and you must be proud Lynne of your inspiration.

Megan said...

How fabulous are these quilts?!!!

Sydney, Australia

Brown Family said...

THose are colorful birds. Thanks for sharing!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Totally awesome -- I especially like the large center bird in the first quilt with the differently shaped head. Glen is quilting her quilt now -- that will be yet another one created using your tutorial.

Nancy J said...

What amazing birds, and the "feather" one is outstanding. How wonderful to quilt together and have a comfort quilt to give, that is the wonderful part of this, we can make, then share.