Thursday, March 8, 2018

Snowy Thursday

We haven't had a particularly snowy winter, so I can't complain about this latest storm. I can't tell how much snow we got, not that it makes any difference.

I'm getting ready to teach my Liberated Birds to the Bedford Friendship Quilt Guild on Saturday, so I am gathering up everything I will need. If you want to make your own birds, you can buy my tutorial here, at my Etsy shop. It's an instant download so you can get started right away.

PS, I've added a page to the blog that shows all the Diamond Quilts in one place. You'll see the link in the header.


Sherrill said...

It's pretty to see but I wouldn't wanna be there!! I HATE the cold!! The winter here in TX was supposed to be warmer and drier but it wasn't! :-( I need to spend winters in a tropical climate somewhere. Costa Rica maybe! :-)

QuiltSwissy said...

You, buy the birds............and you, be careful in the snow.