Saturday, March 17, 2018

And Sew She Goes

Once I have designed a diamonds quilt, I make sure I have a good photograph, and then I start sewing it together using the photo as reference. I work one diagonal row at a time. I sew the mini four patches to the medium sized diamonds to make diamonds as big as the giants.

I like the edges of this quilt to be outside of a row of the tiny colored four patch diamonds, so I have to add fabric to do that. So there is an additional medium sized diamond sewn to one end of those diamonds.

At the bottom of the quilt, I'll trim off the points of these diamonds after it is quilted. I could cut these as triangles, but why bother?

Then it's sew the rows together.

I'll lay the rows out on the floor before I pin them together. It's easier to keep them organized, easier to handle them, and leaving them on the floor helps keep them from stretching.

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