Tuesday, February 6, 2018

More Four Patch Diamonds

My sewing room faces South, and when the leaves are gone, it's a really nice place to be on a cold winter day. I try to work in there when the sun is out this time of year.  I sat down the other day with all the strips for my little four patch diamonds and sewed up all the pairs.

And sewed and sewed and sewed.  Then I pressed the pairs with the seams open.

Before sewing the pairs together the points need to be trimmed. Here is what I do so I don't have to handle each piece over and over.

On Sunday I worked my way through the stack one pair at a time, cutting the strips in pieces, trimming the corners, pairing them up, sewing them into diamonds, and pressing them.  After fourteen pairs my shoulder hurt and I was tired. I've got six more strips left to do.  The Diamonds quilt is much easier to design when these four patch diamonds are ready to go up on the design wall.

***Note: I'm showing you things out of sequence. Everybody wanted to know how I made the four patch diamonds, so I am showing you. But behind the scenes I have been playing with a layout for the Pink Diamonds quilt which uses the blocks I showed yesterday. I did not like them, so I made these. You'll see my layout process tomorrow.


Nancy J said...

love the way you trim the pieces. My sewing room faces North, and with a little fire there, is my favourite winter place. But my fabric is all in another room at the other end of the house.I did read that walking between sewing stints is good for your back and neck, however I do try and have all the fabric I need for one project sorted out at the start . Those purples are bright and beautiful.

frayed at the edge said...

That's an impressive amount of sewing!