Friday, February 2, 2018

Big Pink Diamonds

I've cut out a lot of big pink diamonds, and this is a preliminary arrangement of them. I like to distribute the prints around, and make sure there aren't too many darks or lights in any one area.

This quilt will be used as a table cover for my dining room table, which is about 40" x 63" without the extra leaves in it. That's the smallest the quilt has to be. I want it to hang over each side and be long enough so I can use it with a couple of extra leaves, with are 12" wide. The diamonds finish out about nine inches across and fifteen inches tall, so right now the plan is to make this quilt seven diamonds wide by six diamonds tall, so it will work out to be 62" wide by 90" tall.

Or so. At least, that's the plan at the moment.

I love making these diamond quilts. This will be my fourth. Next up, I'll figure out what color to use as "background" for the little four patch diamonds that make me so cuckoo. (These, above, were for the dark diamonds quilt I made last year (Dark Majesty, currently out being quilted.)  I have a couple of ideas for what to use, but I want to do some test blocks first before I decide.

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