Tuesday, December 26, 2017

the Oven Mitt

I love to do anything that's creative, and for me Cooking is another creative act. I am pretty good at it, and I laughed many years ago when a friend of mine told a group of ladies "If ever Lynne invites you to her house for dinner... Go.  Whatever she puts in front of you... Eat!"  My son put it more succinctly: "Nobody turns down a dinner invitation to my Mom's house." My Father made me laugh when he heard that. "Anybody who does that is just STUPID!" He said it while shaking his head and reaching for yet another helping of whatever I had cooked for him that night.

So it should not have been a surprise when I unwrapped this gift from my nephew yesterday:

"Auntie," he told me as I laughed and laughed, "In case [your son] or I am not around when you cook, this should remind you that everything you cook is really good."

I told him that I may never actually USE this mitt. I might just hang it in my kitchen and laugh every time I look at it.

"Well, that's the other reason I bought it for you," he said as I hugged him, "Every time you look at it you'll think of me and smile."

Now THAT'S a terrific gift.

And you can be damn sure I'll laugh every time I see it!


Cheryl said...

i think that your nephew has just guaranteed a permanent spot at your table..that is an awesome gift! I think it would make a great quilt!

Just Ducky said...

Love the mitt. I have a friend whose house I have eaten many meals. Never had a bad one!

Nancy J said...

The biggest compliment of all. I love baking, not so much meat and 3 veges, but cakes, biscuits, slices and other yummy things. I am sure if your cooking is like your quilting, anyone would grab an invite with both hands.

QuiltSwissy said...

Love it.......I know, I am reading blogs and not making birds.......what's wrong with me?

Poppy Q said...

That is a great compliment and it is a good thing that your family are grateful for your tasty cooking.

Mary Ellen said...

Love it!

Cindy Beal said...

OMG! Too funny! My sister gave me the same oven mitt!!!! I love to cook as well.