Friday, December 8, 2017

Presents! Trees!

I made a couple more presents for the Holiday quilt. I'm pulling stuff out of my stash and trying to use it creatively. I do NOT want to go shopping for Christmas fabric. Anyway, I really like these three boxes.

I thought a couple of other boxes in different sizes would work, but nope.

Next I trimmed the tree triangles and added tree trunks. As you can see, I moved the pieces to the floor of the studio because I can't see very well on the wall in the hallway because it is too dark, and also too far away from my sewing machine.  I've started laying things out, as you can see. Ignore the asterisks up there for a minute.

I had some leftover asterisks from another project and stuck them there to see what they would look like.


When I went into the studio the next morning to look at the layout in daylight, I discovered Millie, "helping me" by making sure the blocks don't fly around on their own.

I didn't decide about the asterisks, but looking at this I realized I needed at least one of the trees to be a lot more decorative.  Oh well, those decisions are for another day.


Becky said...

I quilted garlands with metallic thread to decorate my trees - just a thought. Love your creative process.

The Selvage Fairy said...

I love the candy cane ribbon on the green gift.

Since Millie isn't going to get to hide behind this quilt, she deserves to spend some time sitting on it.

You could definitely work with your quilter to decorate some of your trees.

Millie said...

Ladies, nope, I don't do cute, and decorative quilting strikes me as cute. I'm not a big fan of "embellishments" either. Nope, all the design of my quilts happens in the patchwork that I control. I'm fussy like that.

Mary Howland said...

After reading Millie's comment, I have to change my comment. How about a pieced string of lights on one of the trees? It would be a lot of little pieces but might give the sparkle you want or maybe some tiny birds resting on the branches.

Rieann said...

Lovely to see Millie, was wondering where she was and if she was OK. Love the quilt.