Tuesday, December 5, 2017


I started HAPPY with the P's.  I knew how I wanted to make the P's so I got right to it. I wanted to make them just a little bit different from each other. Then I made the Y and sewed them all together.

I have a special way to make the lower case A's. It's a complicated letter this way, but I love the way they look.

Here is the final HAPPY.

And here are the HAPPY HOLDAYS panels.

I put up a piece of flannel on the wall where this quilt will hang. It makes for a place to design this quilt, considering the Sparkling Winkel is still on the design wall in the studio.

Next up, some trees!


Nancy J said...

Lovelier by the day, and trees to add, perfection in a wall hanging.

Pat said...

Looking great!

Quiltdivajulie said...


Ann said...

Oh, what gorgeous lettering. You are so right that the p's need to be slightly different.