Monday, May 1, 2017

Barns @ Quilted Threads

My barn quilts are on display at Quilted Threads. You can see them behind one of the cutting counters.

This is Quilted Threads's building. The shop is toward the front (painted white). You can see their barn at the back. You can also see the barn across the street that was the inspiration for my barn block. The ladies at QT tell me that customers come in the shop, see my barn blocks and recognize the barn across the street.

That is SO COOL!

Julie Sefton's quilt, See Rock City, will be on display at Quilted Threads for most of the summer.* I strongly urge you to take a trip to Henniker NH to see the quilt.

There are several reasons you should do this: First, Julie's quilt is "spectacular" according to QT's owner, Becky. Secondly, the shop itself is To-Die-For. The lighting is all color-corrected natural light, so everything looks the way it should and there are no dark corners. Third, Henniker is the vision of a typical New England town and it's a beautiful destination for a day trip, especially in summer. Lastly, Daniel's is a great place for lunch. You can sit outside on the deck overlooking the river.

*I said "most" of the summer, and I meant it. The quilt is big, so it may be a day or two before Becky and the staff find the best place to display the quilt. It's a giant, 80" wide by 100" tall, so it's not an easy task. AND Julie has asked be to take some beauty shots of the quilt, so I'll be borrowing it for a week sometime to do that.

BTW, the two build a barn classes I am teaching at QT are on June 10 and July 22. The June 10 class is filled, so look to July 22. If and when that class fills, we'll have a third date in September.


Megan said...

I took Lynne's advice when I visited her last October and travelled to Quilted Threads. It really is a wonderful shop. Huge range of different types of fabrics, loads of books and patterns etc. Dropped a few $$$$ while I was there too.

Fabulous to see your quilted barn and the pic of the actual barn across the road from the shop. What a hoot! I wonder if any of your students will want to try their hand at the same barn.

Sydney, Australia

Linda Swanekamp said...

I have always dreamed of having a barn like that for a studio. The store seems like a magical place.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Yes. Definitely Yes - Quilted Threads is absolutely a destination quilt shop! Love the photo of the side of the shop that shows the inspiration for your Henniker Barn quilt. Terrific post -- fingers crossed that you'll fill that second class AND the third one!

Donnie said...

I'll be there Thursday afternoon, on my way from northern NY to visit family in Maine. Can't wait to see the barns. BTW, I took Lynn's bird class last summer and it was great.