Saturday, February 4, 2017

Zagging Zigs and Zigging Zags

I liked the waves pattern the triangles made in yesterday's post. But you know me. Never can leave well enough alone. Gotta push that envelope (MYFWFU readers, see page 21) so I'm pushing. While the waves design was fun, I really didn't want to leave the waves in one color, so I tinkered a bit and I like how a pair of triangles arranged this way looked like a heartbeat, or something.

These are all the blue blocks I have along with all the leftovers from the others, and I really do have to make more blocks (good project for this weekend) to see how I can push this idea along farther.

I did want to play a bit though, so I took the two vertical rows on the right and rearranged them so the two colored triangles were flipped. But that didn't really do anything for me. (Have I mentioned that I need to make more blocks?)

So then I thought, well, what if one vertical row of zigs points one way the next one zags the other way?  Well lo and behold, I see some white diamonds and a very interesting pattern begins to develop, but you know, those light blues, they almost disappear and they don't carry the design much. (Did I say I need to make more blocks?)

Here I put the blues to the side so I could see that that pattern down the middle really looked like, and that makes a really interesting shape. The light blues on either side don't do anything special, but like I said, I need to make more blocks...

You know, I didn't really like those diamonds on either side of the colored waves, so I shifted them and I like this a lot better.

I think this is really going somewhere interesting. Seriously, I gotta make more blocks.


Nancy J said...

Well, if the first zig doesn't suit, try a zag!!! Lovely final layout, and thank goodness for a design wall.

Quiltdivajulie said...

If you really dislike those light blues, you know where I live (grin). Now go make more blocks!!!