Monday, March 21, 2016

I Am a Bowl Freak

My name is Lynne and I am addicted to bowls. I think a nice dining room table should have a nice bowl on it. So I have a few bowls.

Don't believe me? Check out these photos...

This is the Christmas Random Plank quilt, with a red bowl for the holidays. (Yeah, Millie decorates the table also.)

My Picnic Table quilt (a Rail Fence) that I use in the winter seems to like this white bowl.

The Blue Deco quilt is topped by this asymmetrical silver bowl with blue on the inside.

The Fall House Top quilt is graced with a large wooden bowl.

My friends Julie and Larry have given me a couple of very beautiful bowls that I love very much (even more so because Larry made them.) Here's one of them.

So now that Spring is here, I'm using Julie's Hidden Potential quilt on my dining room table. It's green. OK, maybe it isn't all green, but it's spring-y. And it needed.. okay, I wanted... a new bowl for it, so I went shopping.

These were the two that spoke to me at the store. I set them down on the floor next to each other so I could decide. Wasn't a tough decision.

But you know me. I'm never satisified with the status quo. I've gotta keep pushing. So I drove myself to another store. You know, that import one.

I walked around and found this. The glove should give you a sense of the scale. This plastic covered wire bowl is about 36" long. They had a smaller one, about 18" long. I held them up and asked the clerk, "OK, if this is the Pappa Bear, and this one is the Baby Bear, do you have a Mama Bear?"

Um no.

Hmm... I had to think. I don't even have a table cover for this bowl yet.  Well, not quite yet, but I know which one it will grace.


*btw, the table covers are not all the same size, and that's intentional. The Fall House top is the largest, designed so it will fit the table with all three extra leaves in place and both end flaps raised. At that size, it can seat twelve. The Black and White Slashed Squares isn't quite as large, but will fit the table with two leaves in place, so it will seat eight to ten. I knew the big bowl would work on the table when it is extended.


Quiltdivajulie said...

There are lots of things worse than being addicted to beautiful bowls ... Your collection is diverse and wonderful. Enjoy!!

Megan said...

It looks sensational on the black and white table cover Lynne!

Sydney, Australia

LindyLou4U said...

Isn't it great to be able to "change out" things at a whim? And to have so many options....YES ! ❤️

Dee W said...

And it looks like it could probably hang on the wall when it's not sitting on the table as a basket type of bowl. Or is it too heavy? Looks cool, think Millie will crawl in and sleep in there?

Just Ducky said...

Say after me. "I am Lynne and I have a bowl problem"! Not really, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Lucky you. Restores your faith in humanity. Any thoughts on making this with just two fabrics. Wonder if it would work.

Linda in NC said...

I love your collection of special bowls - and special table coverings! That wire basket/bowl is fabulous, but you've gotta spell it out for me - which import store did you find it at??

Quilter Kathy said...

What a great bowl collection!