Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sunburst Rainbow Beauty Shots

I finished the Sunburst Rainbow quilt two years ago, and never got to take any formal photos of it.

I was able to borrow it and take it out for a photo shoot. This one was OK, but I really didn't want the quilt to look like it had spouted from the planter.

This photo didn't really show the design off very well. The skinny lines looked they were falling off the quilt and down the steps.

This photo is a good one!

 This is a gigantic tree, but I don't think the photo is particularly successful.

This isn't bad.

 This could have been THE ONE if I had not chopped off the bottom corner of the quilt. DAMN! Why do I think it was so good? I particularly like the contrast lines - the vertical lines of the siding of the stairway, the horizontal lines of the siding on the house, the vertical lines of the stair rail, all contrasting with the bright colored diagonal lines in the quilt itself. I think for this shot to work, I'd need to have included that lower corner (duh) but also backed up a bit to include more of the horizontal siding of the house above the quilt, like in the photo below.

Just like designing the quilt, you have to keep trying different things to see when something clicks. In this photo, I realized that maybe showing the quilt as flat as possible was the thing it needed.

I took this photo and then thought, oh darn, the quilt is flopping over on the left, and that big plastic bin on the left has to move...

So I straightened out the quilt and moved the plastic bin. While I think this one is damn good, now that I have had a chance to compare them, I like the one above this better, and think it's a more successful shot in many ways.

However, I'm happy with each of the last two shots. They'll work, and I'm learning. What's interesting is except for the giant tree and the white fence, all of these shots were taken on my property, which just goes to show you don't have to go far to get inspired.


Megan said...

I like the last one best of all. I like the effect of the shadows and it's got the lines of the building. Most of all, I like the fact that it glows against a relatively drab background. I think I'd crop the light strip that runs down the right edge of the pic - or perhaps halve its width.

Terrific opportunity to see the different shots and reflect on what I think 'works' better in some than in others. Thank you.

Sydney, Australia

Nancy J said...

Well, I am happy with the greenery in the pot, and every one shows its beauty so well. I know when I have been taking pics of the bags lately, I try on a chair, by the door, under a tree, hanging off a branch, and then have fun deciding. Your quilt shines.

Pat said...

Beauty shots are hard! I think you got a number of very successful ones.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree with Megan about cropping out or minimizing the lightness on the right side of the final shot - the quilt glows more when there is no other light to divert the eye's attention. What a great series of photos to experiment with judicious cropping . . . spectacular quilt, gorgeous colors, great backdrops.

Just Ducky said...

All the neutral backgrounds really make the colors pop out at you. Since I am drawn to colorful things, this quilt makes me smile.

Sandi said...

I agree that your last two shots are the best. My preference is the last one because of the strong diagonal shadow of the tree and the bits of blue sky that compliments the blue in the quilt without taking away from it. Lovely quilt.

Jackie said...

I also like the last two the best, nice to see the shadows which highlights texture for me. Nice to see the other previous ones for comparison.

lindaroo said...

The quilt itself is amazing. I'm fascinated by the movement, transparency, and math in it. It deserves his much deliberation for its beauty shot.

Kris said...

I love your photo process. I hate to say it but I found this quilt on pinterest and I am sad that I see you never wanted it pinned. I am glad I found it but sorry that it was spread in a way you didn't want. I am curious if you have developed a pattern for this quilt? We have a group project coming up and I would love to purchase your layout on this. I love this quilt, the colors the design and the photos. Thank you