Saturday, August 1, 2015

AQS Syracuse - Getting There

There's nothing like deciding on Wednesday that you are going to drive six hours to see a quilt show on Friday. It's called planning ahead. (NOT!) I was talking to my Mother, one of those "what are you going to do this weekend, anything interesting?" conversations. I said I was trying to decide if I wanted to drive six hours to see my Black Box quilt in the AQS show in Syracuse.

"That's a national show, isn't it? That's a big deal. You're going, aren't you? You're not thinking of going alone are you?" she asked.

"Why, do you want to come with me?"

"Ly-ynne!" (you know how your parents stretch out your name to many syllables when they think you're being a bit obtuse?)

So OK, she says she's going to ask her husband. I look on the AQS website to find a hotel. I call a hotel, I make a reservation. Done. Mom calls back, says she can go.  Good thing, I tell her, I already booked a hotel and you should have heard the desk clerk laugh when I told her I wanted a room with TWO double beds because "I love my mother a lot, but not that much..."

Before I went to bed that night, I packed a suitcase. I kid you not.

So we leave Friday morning about 9:30ish or so, after I gassed up the car.
Millie is all about the I-was-here-photos.
We drive rather languidly through western NH, stop off in Keene at a grocery store and build a couple of salads at the salad bar, pick up some fruit and nuts, etc.

Just after noon, we drove through Hoosick New York where we saw this quilt block painted on the side of a house.

A few hours later, Millie was wondering why she was wearing a button that said "I am AQS" when her name is Millie.  We found my quilt, and Julies, and bought some show pins, then (because we got to the show late) left to go have dinner. We'll check out the show on Saturday, then we'll head home.

But that wasn't the high point of the day. We got a ride to the show on the hotel's shuttle...

(my Mother: How did you pick the hotel? Me: I made a reservation with the second hotel on the list. When I called the first one, the line was busy. See, a lot of thinking went into this trip. NOT!)

Anyway we're on the shuttle and we get to talking with a couple of other ladies who are also going to the show (they took a break for lunch). They asked where I was from and I tell them I've just driven six hours and that I have a quilt in the show. "YOU DO!!!" they exclaim. "Um yeah," and I reach into my bag and pull out the postcards I brought with me that show The Black Box quilt on them.

"The one in the middle," I say, "I made that one. I mean, I made all three of them, but the one in the middle is the one in the show."

"We LOVED that one," they said. "We spent a long time looking at it."



I hadn't even walked into the show, but these two ladies had already made my day.


Megan said...

Wonderful - I'm surprised they didn't ask for a selfie with you or, at the very least, an autograph on their show catalogue! I'm so glad that you made the effort to go. Your mom is right - it's a big deal and something to be celebrated. Well done!

Sydney, Australia

Pat said...

Well worth the trip. Have a wonderful time.

Jean said...

It looks wonderful! Glad you got to go see it. Are you going to post a pic of Julie's quilt too?

Just Ducky said...

You touch a lot of lives with your quilts. Not that you need it, but the love coming back to you gives you a boost. I think of you, Millie and even Gizzy every time I see the boys Gizzy quilts.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Smiling broadly, Near Philadelphia.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Like Nancy said.

SO happy for you!!

Kathy said...

I bet you will be smiling allll the way home, too! And for a few days beyond that!

Anonymous said...

I am SO excited for you!!!!!!!! I know you had a great time!!!! Hugs!

Sewgirl said...

I love that quilt too...I love your work...very out of the box...(wink). Congrats on getting into the show, and enjoy your time with your is to be treasured. So glad you could make the trip together!

Anonymous said...

Told ya.

Sujata Shah said...

Glad you made it out there! Sometimes best decisions are made at the 11th hour. And this one with your mom to see your quilt hanging will be forever special!