Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I was slicing scallions for coleslaw last night and I got a bit too 43nergetic. I slic4d a pad of skin and finrg4rnail off my middle fing4r.  Because there was nothing to s4w tog3ther the doc at Urgent care put a tourniqu4t around my fing4r to stop th4 bl44ding and then appli4ed a piece of surgical gel or artificial skin and th4n wrapp4d it up.

It makes typing a PITA but the worst part is that I cannot g4t it wet for a week. (not so much w4t is the issue but inf4ction.)  Yes, you r4ead that right. A WEEK. That means I cannot wash my own hair, and have to tak4 baths in my incr43eibly stupid tiny bathtub. It means no washing dish4s, and oth43r stuff I will no doubt discov4r as th4 w44k progr4ss4s.

In two days I have to go back to get the dressing changed. A week aft4r that I can wash my hands and get it wet. The wound has to h4al and th4 n4w skin has to form b3efor4 I can get it wet.

The good n4ws is that no fabric was harm4d or damaged in any way. The bad n4ws is that I won't b4e sp4nding much tim4 in th4 sewing room.

Can't typ4 for crap 4ith4r, as you can s44.

Th4n again, th4 doc and nurs4, whil4 th4y w4r4 g4tting r4ady to put the pad on my fing4r, I t4as4d th4m about th4ir "t4chnical terminology". Th4y w4r4 calling things "that thingy" and, "you know what I m4an, that gizmo..."  Their r4ply? "This is th4 happi4st urg4nt cas4 w4 hav4e had all day."

So I am v4ry awar4 this could hav4 b4e4en a lot worse and I am thankful for small favors.


Mystic Quilter said...

Oh Lynne what a (insert appropriate chosen swear word here)!!! I have to say that although I am so sorry to read about what you have done I just sat and laughed trying to decipher the last paragraph.
Yes, the issue could have been much worse but thank goodness it wasn't. Do hope it heals soon and you can get back to your sewing room.

Heidi said...

So sorry for you.... and please excuse my grinning at your post ;-)

Anita in Florida said...

Ouch!! Here's hoping it will heal quickly and without infection.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Here's to hurried and successful healing!

I love how you can take something not-great and make it so DANG FUNNY to read about!

Anonymous said...

I sliced the tip of the same finger with the rotary cutter on Monday. Not as badly, but I can tell you that the typing will be better soon. Moving fabric and picking up needles? Not so much.

Vicki said...

I am so sorry to hear this! I hope your paw heals quickly! Vitamin E and I'm sure Millie will help. All the best to you.

Derby, Ducky said...

Try putting a heavy duty freezer bag over your hand and tape or rubber band it closed. That should be enough to keep it dry while you shower. A very quick shower.

Been there, done that! Heal quickly.