Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally Friday

You wouldn't believe the gnarly problem I've been dealing with at work the last three days. It's been extremely stressful, but we finally figured it out, and I am very happy today is Friday.

Julie is posting about our trip to the MFA last week, so I thought I would share some of the quilts too.

These three quilts were made by the same woman. I'm not generally a fan of solids, but the combination of red, green and this eye-popping goldenrod made these quilts real show stoppers.  As you can see, "Millie" was very impressed.
 This quilt was spectacular in every possible way.

The maker of these three quilts made seven quilts with the same color combination for her children. I'm betting she knew she was "good."

 This is another stunner in red, green and dark blue. The colors in this quilt vibrated where the red and green touched each other. It was simply incredible. This phenomenon cannot be captured in a photograph.  I loved looking at these and thinking about the "quilt police." They'd pooh-pooh the mismatched HST's in the corners, missing the forest for the trees.

I tell everybody I love working with bright colors and abstract patterns,  but when I looked at these quilts I felt completely and totally inadequate.  Look what these quilters achieved with a limited palette and one or two shapes.

This is a pitiful photo of an absolutely awesome quilt. I can't do applique, but that doesn't mean I don't like it.
This is Julie in front of another stunning quilt. The quilting alone is enough to inspire awe (and lust). The quilt doesn't hang "quite" flat and look at where the green inner diamond meets the border - the triangles don't line up - and WHO CARES?

Another view of the absolutely drop-dead outstanding quilting.

All this magnificence in the first gallery!!!

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