Saturday, May 10, 2014

Musical Fabric Challenge

Last month I attended a New Hampshire Modern Quilt Guild meeting at Twill in Nashua NH (the next meeting is Tuesday May 13th.

We played a game called the Musical Fabric Challenge, and these are the fabrics I ended up with. I might not have bought the peachy paisley (too wimpy); would never have bought the pink with white dots (too much high contrast); I love the paper clips, and the grey fabric with the light green rows of dots and triangles. The pink I like, the mini flowers, not so much. The blue is good.

Even so, I knew right away what I would make with them.

Birds. Here I added the wing fabric from my stash.

Again I used fabric from my stash for the wing and the beak.

The wing and beak fabric came from my stash.

The bird breast and beak came from my stash for this bird.

I always use a fabric that has some type of swirl or curve in the wings of my birds, and as you can tell from the last bird, I sometimes piece the fabric to get the effect I want.


Maureen Heywood said...

Oh I just love your birdies!

Gwen said...

Happy Mother's Day, Lynne! I love how the birds came out!