Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mashed Potato Crayons - Finished!

Woo Hoo.  The Mashed Potato Crayons quilt is finished. I wanted to play with the "low-volume" fabrics in a way that was unexpected.

(OK. Truthful moment here. I never want to do what's expected.)

I knew that a word quilt would be successful if I used the fabrics properly. It's okay, nothing more. It's useful as a teaching sample, but it's not exactly a favorite of mine.

I hate sewing the hanging sleeve on the back. The reason why is that I have to crumple up all that fabric and it hurts to hold it in my hand.


Poppy Q said...

It looks amazing Lynne.

Susan R said...

I feel your pain Lynne. By the way I LOVE THIS QUILT!!!

Enough said. Well except "Bravo"!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

You may not love this quilt, but it is elegantly understated and will be highly effective once it is placed with its companions!!