Monday, March 10, 2014

Diagonal Hell

I'm always telling students they have to make sure to add enough fabric to letters with diagonals, because if they don't, "they'll bite you in the butt."  See the piece of backing fabric I had to add at the point of this big triangle? This what I mean, but in this case, it isn't a problem.

In this photo, I didn't add enough fabric on under the H so that when I sewed the long diagonal seam I got too close to the selvage edge.

I'm going to leave it as is, because this piece will be used as a teaching sample, and won't be quilted. I can tell students to leave extra fabric, but when they actually see the error, it will make them think twice.


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Megan said...

I think seeing the teacher's mistakes is a very effective way of learning.

Sydney, Australia