Monday, February 17, 2014

Birds, Butterflies, Hearts & Flowers

I am working on the samples for my upcoming class on "Extras" at QT. (The class date has yet to  be determined.)

This is a very subtle two-toned asterisk flower.

Usually I make my butterflies with larger upper wings, but I really like this one. I'm not exactly thrilled with the layout above, but nothing's carved in stone yet.

I am really getting tired of winter and all the snow we've had in the last ten days. My friend Julie has thrown down the gauntlet. She's threatened, tempted, teased me with flying pigs.  I have accepted the challenge. (After all, I can resist everything except temptation.)


Megan said...

I love your coice o fabrics for the birds' wings.

Sydney, Australia

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

SEW exciting! :) I can't wait to be a butterfly and spread my own wings in this class. Thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom.