Thursday, February 20, 2014

Basic Butterfly

Here's a butterfly before I've trimmed the bottom wings. Right now this butterfly looks very upright and a little stiff.

 I've trimmed about three-fourths of an inch from the bottom, but the difference in how the butterfly looks is amazing. I prefer my butterflies to be wide like this.

You can buy my butterfly tutorial at my Etsy shop, here.

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Michele Bilyeu said...

Love your butterflies (hearts, asterisks, stars, words...) So happy to hear you have another class in the future. I can't comment from my touch pad due to updating issues but I do come and visit all the time and love to see what you are up to! See my wall quilt from your in my sewing nook all day, every day and love telling its story to friends. Where did my little art quilt end up? Hope it brings you joy!