Friday, January 10, 2014


I think it was Judy in Michigan who said the L in LET should be bigger. She was right, but it also needed to be REDDER.

The light orange letters almost disappeared into the background. I needed them to be more prominent. After all, they are the entry into the quilt itself. That red L won't be quite so tall, but it's easier to trim it down than it is to make a bigger one.

When I'm going hell-bent-for-leather like this, the studio (and by extension the whole house) goes straight to hell.

I really want to sew this weekend, so I think I'll find an appropriate recipe to stick in the crock-pot on Saturday and just go to it.

update: As for the recipe, Liz, I was thinking more along the lines of this: Orange-Cranberry Pork Stew. It is one of my favorites.


Liz said...

Crock pot beef bourginone (sp??)
1 1/2 lb cubed beef chuck
1 can sliced mushrooms, inc liquid
red wine - use the mushroom can to measure
flour to dust
1 can golden mushroom soup
1 grated carrot
2 T worchestershire sauce
1/2 t thyme
salt & pepper to taste

Brown the beef in a small amount of olive oil, don't cook through
Add to crockpot, add remaining ingredients, mix well. Don't add any additional liquid, it will get juicy while it cooks on LOW for 8 hours. Do not cook on high, it will be just awful (ask me how I know this)
Have fun sewing, this quilt is looking fabulous

Frog Quilter said...

What purpose does the rock fill? Is it a worry stone lol?

Thanks for the view into your magical studio.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Redder is better . . . LOVE how this is coming together!!

Millie said...

It's not a rock. It's my glasses case.

Vicki W said...

Wow, what a difference! I love this quilt and am glad you have a dedicated sewing weekend ahead to spend with it. Have fun!

Judy in Michigan said...

I like the L that big!! Glad I could help. Thanks for the recipes too!!

The Selvage Fairy said...

Not chicken stew?

Terri said...

What! No chicken? LOL

SandraB said...

Do you cook that pork stew in the crock pot?