Saturday, January 4, 2014

Got Chicken?

Eight Chickens. I need more.

 Chicken Number Nine.
 The Tenth Chicken.

Chicken Number Eleven.

You really didn't think I was going to make them all THE SAME, did you?


Quiltdivajulie said...

ha ha ha ha - love the variations!

owlfan said...

Love that last tired chicken. I assume it was intentionally missing the C?

Millie said...

Owlfan, each and every element in my word quilts is intentional and thought out beforehand. Yes, the missing C is by design.

Elaine M said...

Your word(s) is really poking a finger at me. My friend wanted me to list my UFO's yesterday. Did, 36! Love your chicken words, could have a quilt just of them.

iris said...

I loved the last chiken E is sleeping and no 11 will be without c?

Mr. Karate said...

We love that last one! -E&P