Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Big Bird

OK, you all know how I can't resist a good pun. The Big Bird refers to the size of this CHICKEN word.

You can see the ruler at the bottom. The word is almost 36" wide.

Hmm... That first "C" isn't quite at the angle I had originally envisioned. I may have to move it. 

But oh - I seem to have misplaced my very fine seam ripper. It's a tiny little thing, and although I'm pretty sure it's somewhere IN the studio, I can't seem to find. it.  You know how it works. I'll buy a replacement and then I'll find the original.


Alice Turcotte said...

That chicken is cooking. For what it's worth..I think it's perfect.

Terri said...

I love the "c" as is...
and you are right about the seam ripper. The sooner you buy the new one, the sooner you'll find the lost one. I like to have several... one on the sewing machine and one in the drawer next to the couch for when I'm burying threads. You can use a couple three (as my hubby would say).