Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happiness is...

Happiness is a bowl full of bobbins.

One of the things that makes me happy is NOT to have to stop sewing to wind a bobbin, so having what... eighteen bobbins filled and ready to go really floats my boat big-time. The only reason I have only 18 is that is how many empty bobbins I have. If I had more (note to self, buy more bobbins), I would have filled them all.

I do all my piecing with this medium gray thread. (ALL!) I feel it disappears equally well on lights as on darks (a medium beige is another option).

So when I'm watching something particularly boring on TV, I'll set myself up and wind all the empty bobbins I can find, because there's not much more boring than having to wind 18 bobbins in one sitting.

See that big cone of grey thread over on the side... it takes me a little over a year to use up one of those. I find it amusing as I read the blogs to see how many empty spools of thread other quilters collect in the course of a year.

Me, just one.


Anonymous said...

Won't your machine wind as it sews?

Quiltdivajulie said...

I have to stop and unthread and wind, too -- I wind all mine ahead (usually late in the evening when I'm not ready for bed but not focused enough to stitch for real).

Richard Healey said...

We buy thread in much smaller quantities then that but I did go though dozens of them. I have thought about saving them and seeing what the pile turned out to look like and then some one would toss them and then the pile would be gone. I like the idea of piecing in something other then white though.

Richard and Tanya Quilts

Anonymous said...

Note to self....wind more bobbins! I really need to learn how to keep up with doing this. I always seem to run out right in the middle of something and I have to stop and wind some more. ;)

sophie said...

I almost always use gray for piecing, too. I learned when making hats in an Opera Costume Shop that gray thread works when you don't have something to match because if it is seen, it reads as shadow.