Saturday, December 14, 2013

Go Go Go

It's funny how my original concept for a word quilt often stands up over time.  The idea changes as I think about it and start assembling letters, but when it comes time to put it together, I often go back to my original ideas. Here's proof:

This is a page from my notebook that I drew a few days after I came up with the idea back in October.  This was before I made all the chicken dinner words.

The pages above are where I tried to figure out which words to use and how many of each letter I needed to make. You can see I stopped crossing off the letters I made. It was just too much trouble to keep track of them that way.

By the way, the word GO in the top picture is too small. It needs to be BIGGER and made from the brightest orange fabrics.  I do like the flying geese.

AND...this is my 1300th post.  Holy cow!


Debra said...

no...holy chicken!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Super CLUCKs for reach 1300 posts!!!!!