Saturday, November 2, 2013


I couldn't operate any machinery yesterday, and that included my sewing machine, so after breakfast today I got right into making twelve N's for the Chicken quilt.

Normally I slash a rectangle of fabric diagonally and insert a strip, then sew uprights on either side to make my N's, but that's a not very efficient if you're making twelve.

After a bit of thinking, I created sewed background fabric to either side of piece of orange fabric,

 then cut 1-1/2" strips apart at a 45° angle, like this.

Then I sewed this piece to orange uprights, but....

 I chopped off the corner of the angled piece, since I knew I would cut it away later.

Press them and then I'm done.  W00t!

 (Remember this letter is barely 3" square)

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Megan said...

Very clever!

Sydney, Australia