Monday, November 11, 2013



and DIVAN.

My design wall is getting full.
I've made all the words I originally planned.

Letter count so far: 172 

It was funny. I had lunch with my Mom on Saturday. "That quilt of yours with the box... " she said, "the one where the words pop out of it... (The Black Box)  That's a piece of art, and deserves to hang in a museum."

Then she continued, "The one you're making now, with all the letters," she paused. "Meh."

I laughed. "Ma, the one I'm making now with the chickens is just a silly quilt. It isn't anything close to the Box. I'm not done. I've got a lot to do still." 

Stay tuned!


Quiltdivajulie said...

How cool that you and your mom communicate this way - so many people can't or won't.

Rebecca said...

I am soooo enjoying the whole process of this quilt as you share it.... It might not be"art" but it is joy, laufghter, and FUN.
I am so glad your mom will "meh" at you. When my mom was still with us she would look at some of my "designs" and say "I am not sure where your going with this one...let me know when you get there." I so miss that...

Mr. Karate said...

Give Meh'mere a big hug from me, ok?