Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Three of Us

Dear Son, your Mom can take "selfies" too!

This is me, Julie and Chris holding one of our collaboration quilts, "Magic Happens." I made the blocks and the letters, Julie put them all together into a flimsy, and Chris did the quilting (in black and white variegated thread because Millie, my black and white cat, would be napping on the quilt).
 We spent my last day in Memphis at Chris's house. When we got there, Chris had my Spools quilt all ready for me. It's beautifully quilted, and I'll finish it next week, when it and all my other quilts return from their extended stay at Julie's.

Chris has always talked about making letters, so I gave her a lesson.  She picked it up right away and made some beauties. Here she is working on an upper case "C" in which the fish echo the shape of the letter.

These are the letters Chris made. As you can see, she also made an asterisk and a butterfly. 

Chris couldn't believe it when I saw this collection of threads in the bottom of her wastebasket near Iris, her long arm quilting machine. ("OH NO! She's looking at the ONE place I didn't clean!!!")

This is a great example of how colors jumbled together willy-nilly can give you ideas.

You never know where you can find inspiration, but as this shows, it's everywhere.

I had a FABULOUS time in Memphis and St Louis! It was awesome. A very deep and heartfelt "Thank you" to all the wonderful people I met, from the quilters to the folks at the hotel, and all the folks at the restaurants and stores we visited, and to the strangers we met at the Gateway Arch.

Thank you one and all!


Quiltdivajulie said...

It was absolutely AMAZING . . . SO much fun! And we DID meet some truly wonderful people!

Queenie Believe said...

That's pretty darn awesome that the three of you long distance quilty friends got together and played.
Have a great.
Always, Queenie

Susan R said...

What wonderful friends you have Lynne. And the pictures are superb. I immediately wanted to take that ball of thread, flatten and spread it out then start sewing on it! I bet if you were really careful you could make a masterpiece!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What fun... would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that collaboration session!

Quilter Kathy said...

Like I told Julie, I had no idea y'all were so beautiful!
What wonderful fun you had! Thanks for sharing so we could get in on a bit of it!