Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Say, can you C?

Yup, this is twenty-four C's. Fastest 24 letters I ever made.  How did I make them? I thought you'd never ask.


So what do I need 24 C's for?

CHICKEN casserole
CHICKEN + dumplings
CHICKEN + noodles
CHICKEN sandwiches
CHICKEN Tetrazzini
CHICKEN pot pie
CHICKEN a la king

After I wrote yesterday's post, I emailed Julie and told her about my conundrum with the oven mitts and that I felt the real problem was that I wasn't really clear what the quilt was ABOUT.  Julie replied just as I was getting ready for bed, "When Brenda told us the story, she used WORDS. Maybe you don't need to draw anything else this time."

So I thought about it. The quilt is about TOO MUCH CHICKEN. And the best way to convey that is to list the things you do with leftover chicken.  I came up with the list above, which adds to Brenda's list, but ends the way hers did, "chicken an' chicken."  Twelve CHICKEN words, 24 C's.

I now know EXACTLY what this quilt is about, and just HOW I am going to have some fun with TOO MUCH CHICKEN.  And you had better believe it will include the usual little in-jokes that I put in all my quilts.


Megan said...

Once you know what you're about, it falls into place, doesn't it?

I understood the point you were making yesterday about your choice of fabric for the mitts, but in the pic that you added to the blog, I didn't have the same visual problem that you did. I think it would have depended, in the end, on the surrounds/entire quilt - but since it seems as though you're not going to use it after all, the problem has been resolved - yes?

Sydney, Australia

Quiltdivajulie said...

Happy to sense your energy and excitement for this new approach !!

Brenda said...

great strip-pieced letters! have you ever read my tutorial on making those?