Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Chicken Letters

Here are the first letters I've made for the chicken quilt.  I say "first" because it's not uncommon for me to make letters several times before I get the look I want. Remember, in the Black Box Quilt, I made all the letters at least twice, the rays twice, and the box itself three times.

Bear in mind these letters have not been trimmed to size. They won't stay this big or this clunky.

At first I tried making the letters in white with a grey background, based on chicken tracks,

but I thought the letters looked Egyptian, not chicken, so that idea went out the window ASAP. I like the idea of the chicken tracks though, and I will surely use them somehow.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Those letters have grand possibilities once trimmed and set into the quilt.

All in good time!

Judy in Michigan said...

Maybe an egg thrown in there somewhere??

Anonymous said...

I like the way reds and oranges look on a grey background. I was just noticing that looking at trees at twilight the other day. VERY autumn in New England.