Thursday, September 19, 2013

Truthful Thursday

Since I don't remove my pins as I sew, my sewing machine needle often hits them.  The last time it happened,

 it really took me a while to get this bent pin OUT of the machine. I needed to use a pair of needle-nosed pliers to get this pin loose from the innards of the machine where it got mangled.

The pins I use are very fine and thin, but they are very bendy.  Nevertheless, this pin got bent, and the needle was useless afterwards too.

So I go through these quite a lot. I can get them at Sears, but that means I have to go to The Mall, and park the car, and walk a very long way into the store, find these, buy all they have (usually five or six packages) and then walk out, etc., etc. It's a real PITA because to get to The Mall I have to deal with a lot of traffic, which I do not like.

Then I remembered Yvonne saying something about buying a box of 100 needles. I checked it out online and a few days later, this lovely little package arrived in the mail. The best part is buying them this way is half the price of buying them five at a time!

Ooooooo! A box of 100 needles, a tin full of fine, straight pins, a package of rotary cutter blades, a lovely stash of fabrics and a dozen bobbins wound with my favorite middle grey thread. What more could a girl want?


Yvonne said...

So much better than a trip to the mall. :)

Pat said...

Absolutely!! IMO, trips to the mall are adventures of desparation.

Jean said...

I would say you have it all!