Monday, September 30, 2013

The Surprise

My son knew Rubylocks was "The One", and knew exactly when he would pop the question. For her part however, Rubylocks wanted him to ask her, and expected him to ask her some time but didn't know when it would happen.

Apparently young folks nowadays take "selfies" or self-portraits, with their cell phones. My son planned to hold up the box in one of these "selfies" to surprise Rubylocks.

As you can see, she was surprised.

As she recounted the story to my Mother, she wanted my son to ask her to marry him, and she hoped  he would, but when she saw the little box she was completely blown away. She NEVER expected him to give her a diamond.

She was SO surprised that it took her "a really long time to say yes" according to my son. The way Rubylocks tells it, "I was so shocked I was afraid I was going to faint. And I didn't want to faint."

Finally she put her arms around him and said, "Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes."

My son says she looks at the ring on her finger every other minute, and giggles. "How did you ever manage to get it so it fits perfectly?" 


She looked at him sideways, "Well, okay. I don't want to know more than that."

Because I know the whole story, I know it wasn't magic.

It was Karma.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In other news, I am completely ready for my trip to St Louis. The suitcase is packed, the class is prepared and the speech is written. The house and sewing studio are both clean. I've got a list ready of all the last minute things that need to come with me. That's all good, but you'll have to forgive me because my heart is in California. Which I suppose is a good thing because otherwise I think I'd be getting nervous.


Megan said...

All very happy. Rubylocks is presumably a good sport and quite comfortable that her engagement was announced in cyberspace by a cat (on Millie's blog). Hopefully her friends don't think she's marrying into a family that's a little bit - um, hmmm - 'unusual'?

Sydney, Australia

Pat said...

Awww! Love the photos. And - umm - 'unusual' is SO much better than boring. :D

Alice Turcotte said...

Such a sweet story and you tell it so well. How precious that your son shared it with you and you with us. Thank you.

Susan R said...

There you go making me cry again. What a wonderful way to propose to the one you love. Your son "is a chip of the old block". He marches to his own drummer and always thinks of ways to make special moments special (aka magical).

Thank you (all three of you) for sharing such a "magical" moment with all of us.

Congratulations and blessings!

Anonymous said...

OH!!! How exciting! I love her nickname, Rubylocks! They look so very happy, I know you are so proud, as you should be!!! Congrats to the happy couple and you!!!

Queenie Believe said...

Congrats to the happy couple... The selfies are very fun!
Have a safe and fun trip.
Always, Queenie

Michele Bilyeu said...

Too cute! Loved he story and the progression of photos as I read along!

loulee said...

Two wonderful blog posts.
Congratulations to the very happy couple.