Thursday, September 12, 2013

Millie vs Me

So you think it's easy to make a quilt when you have a cat?  Think again.

I laid out the typewriter fabric on the bed, so I could work out how to piece it, then I put the Font Factory flimsy on top of it.

Millie watched closely from her cat hammock.

When I left the room to get my measuring tape and scissors, Millie made her move.

I rearranged the flimsy, but she did it again.

Eventually I was able to get what I needed, but Millie made it interesting for me.


Megan said...

Well Lynne, that is one of Millie's Life Goals, you know - to make your life interesting. You can't fault her. She does it well. LOL

Sydney, Australia

Jean said...

Been there, done that too! lol

Quiltdivajulie said...


Susan R said...

I feel your pain. >tee-hee<

Mary K said...

My little MaryJane does the same thing. Her hammock is above my bed too (at the head instead). She will wait and then.... POUNCE!

I think it is because their names begin with "M", for "mischief"!

Jane M. said...

I love the shelf. I will have to get one. I have a cat exactly with the same coloring except with a bobtail. Love both tops!

Sewgirl said...

Ha! Just had the same experience myself...i have a quilt top that is all raw edged applique that has yet to be ironed down, all arranged on my floor, and it's the first thing my cat heads for...fortunately I headed her off, and she graciously walked around it!