Sunday, September 1, 2013

Final Construction

I designed the word "Crayon" with a dropped "C."  As you can see, I've got it lined up partly under the "U," and it's really between the two lines of letters I've already sewn together. I've got to do a little finagling.

I've removed the piece of background fabric that was directly under the "U." I've also sewn the "THE" and "rayons" rows together.

Here I've sewn the "C" into place, and next I'll re-sew the seam across the top of the "C," and trim the bottom of the word "Crayons."

Of course, I'll have to trim this long edge, and then fill it in with background fabric. After that, the flimsy will be complete. Woo Hoo!

1 comment:

Mary K said...

The more I see this, the more I want to make one! I even have a saying I would like to do.

Do you just start sewing or do you sort of plan it out on paper first?

Like I need a new project. Thanks