Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas Random Plank

Five years ago I made 20 Christmas-themed kitty quilts (and sold them in less than 24 hours!)

I had a bag of Christmas themed fabrics left over that I've been moving from one spot to another for the last five years.
 Several times I tried to give it away.

Then I remembered those "Jelly Roll Race" or "Random Plank" quilts that I've seen on the blogs recently, and I thought it was a good idea. So I checked my bag of fabric and found a lot of precut 2-1/2" strips, but most of them were dark, so I made a trip up to Quilted Threads and bought five yards of fabric.
I'm cutting more strips, and I've going to do one of these so-called Random Plank quilts with a Christmas twist.

I've finished the Free Pieced Butterfly Tutorial.  You can purchase a copy at my Etsy Shop, The Patchery Menagerie, for $5 USD.  (I do have to make one teeny-tiny change and it will be ready late Monday.) The tute has been tested and approved!  Whee!

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