Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Eleven Eleven


"Quiltilicious" tagged me. I don't know who this is, and I find it rather annoying. Why the secrecy?

I'm supposed to tell you 11 things about myself, and then answer 11 questions, and then tag 11 people.

I'll answer your questions, Quiliticious, but I don't do the tagging bit.

Eleven things about me.

1. I'm a loner.
2. I love to read.
3. I do not go wild about shoes.
4. I don't wear makeup.
5. I don't color my hair, either.
6. I love puzzles.
7. I like the way the air smells when it's below freezing out.
8. I love maps.
9. I'll read anything that's well-written.
10. The idea of "going shopping" without a purpose bores me to tears.
11. I love lemon. Real lemon, not the fake junk.

Marlene's questions about me.
1. What time of day do I do most of my crafting?
I prefer to get started right away first thing in the morning, before breakfast, before getting dressed.  But I work for a living, so most of the time it's after dinner.

2. If money was no concern, which machine or "toy" would you buy for your craft?
Here I will show that I am a bit of a snob. I make Art. I do not view my equipment as "toys."  Therefore I believe it's important to have good quality tools that get the job done regardless of their cost.  I don't need any more tools. If money were no object I wouldn't have a day job, so I could make art all day long.

3. I could live anywhere, where would I live?
I have a very close friend with four young children who lives in southern Maryland. They consider me their favorite "Auntie."  I'd like to live on their block for a few years. Or I'd like to try living in the desert. Or I'd live up in the Columbia River Valley between Oregon and Washington State. But I'd settle back to New Hampshire, because I like being close to the mountains, the ocean and the city, and I like the four seasons.

4. Do I enjoy traveling and what is the favorite place I've been?
Yes, and so far I loved Paris best, but I'm pretty sure I'd love Italy too. Yosemite was seriously awesome.

5. What is my favorite animal and why?
Duh. I love cats. They are beautiful to watch, independent and mysterious.  Plus they keep themselves clean and don't need me 24 hours a day. In other words, they aren't dogs.

6. Do I consider myself more a traditional quilter or an art quilter?
Is the sky blue? Is the pope Catholic?  I'm an Art Quilter.

7. What is my favorite place to vacation?
Any place that has good art museums, good food, family nearby and public transportation. Symphony and Opera Houses are added bonuses.

8. Do I prefer to dine in or go out to eat?
Well, since I'm a good cook, I like to dine in. But I also like really good food at a really good restaurant.

9. What is my favorite food?
Depends.  Lemon. Chocolate. Fresh bread. Steamers at the beach, ice cream at Mike's, spaghetti and meatballs with my family, a nice steak with my son...

10. What is my favorite quilting or crafting tool ("toy") that I have ever purchased?
(My disdain for the term "toy" is growing) My rotary cutters. When I first saw them in 1983 I knew right away I'd never make a quilt the traditional way ever again, and I never have.
Actually, this question is more fun if you ask me for my favorite kitchen tool: A rasp grater, also known as a microplane zester.

11. What is my computer of choice, desktop, laptop or tablet?
Since I work as a Geek, I like to have everything in one place and I want it all: a laptop.

Dear Quiltalicious, now it's your turn. Come out of the closet and let us see who you really are.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Well stated!!

Toys indeed!

Quiltalicious said...

Sorry I seem to have posted anonymously - my name is
Anne and you found my blog so I guess you know that much about me at least. I didn't mean to post as anonymous, as it asked me what identity I wanted to post as. I did not check the 'email follow up comments box' however, so this time I did. Thanks so much for taking time to be tagged and respond! I love your responses, and you're right - they are tools, not toys!! I will keep that in mind in the future. Though I do consider my quilting time my 'play time', the tools of the trade are definitely not 'toys'. I stand corrected.

Lori R said...

Good heavens, my eleven answers would be almost identical to yours. (Substitute "Rolling Stones" for "Maps" in #8. Ha ha ha) Thanks for sharing.