Thursday, November 8, 2012

Broken Trust

You all know about this big project at work - the renovation of our company's primary conference room, right?

So imagine my reaction when I walked into the room yesterday morning and did NOT see the ceiling mounted projector or the computer that controls it.

They had been stolen.

We are a manufacturing company with two shifts.  The room had been cleared for carpet installation, which was postponed for a few days because the carpet arrived damaged. With the furniture out of the room we couldn't use it, so nobody went into it until yesterday, when new equipment was to be installed.

Working backward, we think it happened after the end of the "normal" business day on Friday. On Monday morning, one of my colleagues looked into the room to see the new carpet.  He noticed the projector was missing, but thought it was moved as part of the preparation for the carpet install.

Entrance to the building is by key-card, and only employees have them.  We surmise this was done with at least one employee's help, as no alarms were triggered. Whoever did it needed a ladder and tools, and an assistant. The projector could not be removed by one person.

I've worked for this company twenty-four years and have never heard of anything like this happening before. As one of my co-workers told me yesterday, "I could leave my wallet on my desk overnight, and it would still be here, intact, in the morning. Nobody would touch it."

No longer.

We had to call the police. We will prosecute if the perpetrator is found. Some person or persons may lose their jobs.  We have already started looking into who was in the building at that time and are making inquiries.  We have instituted some security measures and more will be forthcoming.

 We were all so proud of the improvements to our conference room, the "jewelry," the "branding" (which I did not show you to keep the company name private), and excited about the new technologies we were implementing.

Obviously, "we" were wrong.  Someone amongst us did not feel that pride.  It hurts to think I work with this person. Someone broke that trust "we" all had. It was a rough day yesterday.

I don't need your advice or suggestions about how this could have been prevented or what we should do to prevent this from happening again. I just wanted to explain my silence.


gardenpat said...

So sorry to hear this!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I hope those who were involved in the theft feel VERY VERY guilty - not only for the stealing but especially for damaging/violating the sense of trust y'all shared.

Cherie in St Louis said...

Lynne, your company sounds like a smaller, close-knit group of employees so I can see how awful this must feel. Sending you a big hug :-}

Ida from Central PA said...

Sorry it happened to you.

I am a member of a small weather-forecasting business. We've been in business nearly 50 years. You might not think 300 people is a 'family' company, but we really are -- being 24 hours -- you generally work w/ the same people .. you get to know the 50-75 you work with.

Fifteen years ago, we moved into a 'brand new' building -- since we had outgrown our 'campus' of 6 buildings in a 2 block area of downtown.

It took a little time, but we put in the bells and whistles, including the projectors, and such that it seems your company has, too. We also have keycard entry, yadda yadda yadda ...

We sometimes had lunches/dinners go missing from the fridge -- confusion on what frozen dinner you brought that day, leaving leftovers, etc. But most often if something was taken, it was replaced. [Many have snacks in our desks and our friends know if they need/want a pick-me-up, they can help themselves.]

When electronic items (projector, computers, etc) went missing the climate changed. We now have security cameras on all entrances -- we have XX-hour recording (days?) just in case something goes missing again.

Sadly, even knowing that these security measures are in place, things have still gone missing. :(

I wish you and your company good luck.

Queenie Believe said...

Wow, I'm so sorry this has happened to you and your company. Unfortunately it is a sign of the times. Just last year there was a theft from the front loby of the office building of the firm I work for. A flat screen that displayed the daily events etc. was taken. The powers that be decided not to replace it. Now a piece of paper listing the events is taped to the front door daily. Pretty lo tech and a little tacky but there you have it. I hope the offenders are discovered and delt with accordingly.
Take very good care.
Always, Queenie

Derby, Ducky said...

Sad to think that it was an inside job, but that is the way it is. Too bad they didn't think far enough ahead to think of the consequences.

rondiquilts said...

Sad to say, I work in a POLICE DEPARTMENT and this happens! We even have cameras everywhere! Sometimes it has been an inside job too. I have no use for a thief. Hope you find out who did it. I know this had to be so disheartening.

Clare said...

Grrrr!! Makes me so angry when people break their trust. Hope you've caught the culprit.