Friday, October 5, 2012

The Black Box Returns!

It was a rough day at work yesterday. (Insert rant here)...

Anyway, I decided that I really really really needed to get myself in the sewing studio and let the creative act wash away the dust and detritus of, well, you know.

The arcs now lie flat, as does the opening of the box.  Rejiggering that caused the sides of the box to flatten out, which is not what I want. No biggie, I can fix that.  The really amusing thing is, if I had stuck to my original plan of assembling the quilt... well, I wouldn't have had any of these problems.

Speaking of which, I might just toss that really nifty box fabric completely and go back to my original idea of black. This box is too tall anyway, and I want a bit more rays coming out the bottom than what I ended up with back in mid-September. Sometimes it's good to step back for a while.  It gives you the resolve to make wholesale changes for the better.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

The results matter, but so does the process. Understand changing box fabrics . . . go for it!