Tuesday, August 14, 2012


OK, so here's how I made the strips for the wedges. I sewed strips together - background cream, white, silver, cream.  Then I cut them at an extreme angle using a template I made. Then I did the same thing for the other side. There are 11 lefts, 11 rights.  After that I sewed the pairs together to get the chevrons you saw yesterday.

So how am I using them?  I thought you'd never ask. Here are a couple of clues.

 Yes, that's a 10-degree wedge ruler, and the extension, from www.phillipsfiberart.com.  I'd seen it hanging at my lqs and thought it looked cool. I wanted to play with it, but wasn't interested in doing anything "normal" with it. Finally I bought it so I could experiment with it. As soon as I got it home I realized it would be very useful in assembling the colored arc of letters above the black box. 

That's enough for today.  More later!


Judy in Michigan said...

How very clever!! Our lqs has that ruler but it was used to make a table runner (which is very cool also) and a circular wall art piece. But you, dear Lynne, have created a great, imho, practical use for it! Keep up the creativity - you inspire me.

Quiltdivajulie said...

I love how you think!

Queenie Believe said...

I just about split my sides when I read the title of this post.
Looking forward to seeing more of what comes from the wedgie adventure.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie